Secretaría de Cultura

Genaro Estrada Cultural Center


This is an architectural complex opened in 1980 and has been essential for the development of the cultural life of Sinaloa. It’s the headquarter...

Ángela Peralta Theatre, Mazatlán, Sin


It was originally called Rubio Theatre, it opened its doors on February 6, 1881. On October 23, 1992, the remodeled theatre was re-inaugurated, giving...

Sinaloa Art Museum (MASIN)


It’s housed in a building from the early nineteenth century, the old City Hall, home of the Government of the State and former Town Hall. The en...

Centenario Sinaloa Center of Arts


With the opening of the Centenario Sinaloa Center of Arts on June 26, 2009, the Cultural Institute of Sinaloa increased the artistic and cultural offe...

Regional Museum of Valle del Fuerte

Los Mochis

It’s in the former Chapman House, inside what was originallythecity of Los Mochis. Among the six rooms that make up this museum, there is an int...

Museum of Art of Mazatlán


The museum has two exhibit rooms: one for permanent exhibits and other for temporary ones. The first displays the most important work that constitutes...

Institute of Culture of Sinaloa


The Institute of Culture of Sinaloa is an organism that based on its public policy, places Sinaloa as an avant-garde state in the country, providing r...

Haas House


Former house of the journalist and writer of Sinaloa, Antonio Haas. Today it hosts different cultural events, music, art exhibits, stagings, recitals ...

Municipal Square of Mocorito


Don Héctor R. Olea points out that Mocorito is a Cahita word that is a variant of: macori-to, made up by: macuri, a shortened...

Chapel of Guadalupe Esplanade


The Chapel of Guadalupe is one of the treasures of the Magical Village of Cosalá.

Vocational School of Arts


The Vocational School of Arts of Los Mochis has as its objective to encourage the knowledge and taste for fine arts and their manifestations; to educa...

Álvaro Obregón Plaza


The place was inaugurate in 1884 as a meeting point for the families of Culiacán.

Antonio Haas Theatre IMSS Mazatlán


Capacity: 300 persons. Presents cultural events and plays.

Sinaloa Artistic Society (SAS House)


Sinaloa Artistic Society (SAS) is a citizen effort aiming to promote in Sinaloa, mainly in the city of Culiacán, the taste and appreciation for...

Interactive Museum of Sinaloa Sciences Center


The Museum has the objective of complementing the educational process of the formal school programs in different areas of the scientific and technolog...

INAH Center Sinaloa


The National Institute of Anthropology and History researches, preserves, and promotes the archeological, anthropological, historical, and paleontolog...

San Miguel Zapotitlán Community Museum


It preserves and promotes the historical and cultural heritage of the community. It exhibits objects related to the indigenous dances of the region, o...

Community Museum of the Cooperative of Tamazula


On the right bank of the Sinaloa River, in the municipality of Guasave, there is the community of Tamazula. There, in the old elementary school “Her...

Lola Beltrán Museum and Mining Museum


This museum was opened in memory and honor of the renowned "Queen of the Mexican Ranchera song" Lola Beltrán (LucilaBeltrán Ruiz) "Th...

Regional Museum of Sinaloa


A property opened in December 1958, it was designed by architect Jaime Sevilla Poyastro. Here, the pure line of modernism is synthesized in smooth wal...

Mazahua Water Park


A water park with a family ambient.

Machado House Museum


The building where this museum is located has a tropical Neoclassical style architectural style. Inside the museum there are objects of incalculable h...

Archaeological Museum of Mazatlán


It offers a taste of the Pre-Hispanic culture of the region, through archaeological remains, with an emphasis in the ancestral funeral customs and on ...

House of Culture of El Fuerte

El Fuerte

It is in charge of promoting artistic and cultural activities for the inhabitants.

Community Museum of Tehueco

El Fuerte

Located in a Magical Village. The collection is made up, mainly, by objects from the Yoreme ceremonial tradition of Holy Week: Clothing, masks, and mu...

Community Museum of Villa de Ahome


Its collection is made up by archeology, stones, weapons, cartography elaborated by the Jesuits, farming and everyday objects, ethnography of the fest...

Professor Conrado Espinoza House of Culture


It began its activities on October 12th, 1934. Presently, important cultural acts take place in the House of Culture, exhibitions, workshops, seminars...

Sea Museum (Mazatlán Aquarium)


The Sea Museum belongs to the Mazatlán Aquarium recreational park. The aquarium was inaugurated on September 13, 1980, on an approximate surfac...

Museum of the Seashells


Here it is possible to admire a splendid collection of shells and conches of all shapes, sizes, and colors, as well as to acquire beautiful handicraft...

Theatre of El Cid


Capacity: 400 persons. El Cid Mega Resort Hotel.

House of Culture of the Student or Old


High School College of Sinaloa (Cobaes).

Basilica of the Immaculate Conception


The building of the cathedral has a marked Gothic influence; in the outside it has two slender towers, and on the inside has three naves with altars; ...

Las Labradas

In the site there are over 600 early engravings created on volcanic stone with anthropomorphic, zoomorphic, phytomorphic, and geometric shapes. Associ...

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