Secretaría de Cultura

Esperanza Iris Theater - Villahermosa


The Esperanza Iris Theater is the most important cultural forum for the staging of theater plays in the State, plus dance, music, opera, concerts and ...

Carlos Pellicer Cámara Regional Museum of Anthropology


The museum is one of the most important museographic venues not only in the state of Tabasco, but in the country, since it houses an  extensive a...

Gallery El Jaguar Despertado


This a two-storied late-19th-century house with facades that’s been completely reconstructed in the inside with modern architecture. It has two ...

Tabasco 2000 Planetarium


The building is a concrete, aluminum and crystal structure in the shape of three superimposed pyramids that represent the pre-Hispanic culture, the mi...

José María Pino Suárez State Public Library


The José María Pino Suárez” State Public Library was inaugurated on December 9, 1987, it is considered as one of the best P...

José Gorostiza House of Arts


It’s a modern-style building with a large courtyard surrounded by a gallery of arcades that communicates to the classrooms where workshops of differ...

Olmeca and Mayan Culture Research Center Zone


With more than 30 years that the cultural complex (Olmeca and Mayan Culture Research Center Zone) was built, it continues to be the venue of cultural,...

La Venta Park-Museum


It was designed by the writer Carlos Pellicer Cámara and remodeled in 1994 according to the project of the architect Iker Larrauri. It exhibits...

Museum House of Tiles


It was inaugurated on December 8th, 1985, and it has kept the objective of protecting and promoting all types of historic objects related to the state...

Agora Cultural Center, Villahermosa


The Agora Cultural Center was inaugurated in 1985, established in the central part of the Lic. Tomás Garrido Canabal Park in the city of Villah...

Ángel Gil Hermida Popular Culture Museum


The museum is located in a typical house of the early 20th century. Its objective is to spread the cultural manifestations of the people from Tabasco,...

Museum Carlos Pellicer Cámara


The house-museum was inaugurated on June 11th, 1985, and it is characterized for being a typical house of the late 19th century that comprises 4 rooms...

Town Hall


Seat of the executive power of Tabasco and governor’s offices. The construction of the Palace began on November 23rd , 1884.

Art Room Antonio Ocampo Ramírez


Official head office of the International Film Festivals and Film Series.  At present, this building is the only one that with its operation has ...

State Institute of Culture of Tabasco


It has the purpose of promoting, fomenting, and spreading the cultural activity of the state of Tabasco through strengthening local and national value...

Juárez Autonomous University of Tabasco


Also known as UJAT, it is a public university located in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico. Its mission is to educate professionals with great knowledge i...

Art gallery Siempre Viva


This old big house typical of the tropic, was the dwellings of a tireless cultural promoter: Mrs. Isabel Rullán de Izundegui, and since 1997 it’s w...

Museum of Natural History José Narciso Rovirosa


It contains 531 pieces and notable among them are dinosaur skeletons, pictures, utensils and tools, as well as different figures and objects that enri...

Juárez Institute


When the Institute opened its doors to the good trades of the Governor Simon Sarlat Nova and the liberal Manuel Sánchez Mármol; the latt...

Dr. José Gómez Panaco Balancan Museum


It’s located in a building that dates from the late 19th century and the early 20th. It opened its doors to the public on August 17, 1979, with the ...



The cathedral is a 17th century construction with a sober, baroque façade.

Antonio de Dios Guarda House of Culture


The objective of this venue is to promote and develop artistic education in youth and childhood from the municipality of Cunduacán, so, it has ...

Main Square, Tabasco


Considered by Villahermosa’s inhabitants as the heart of the town, it is a charming and simple square where the locals go to enjoy the shade of ...

Villahermosa Cultural Center


A space for culture and activities related to arts.

Center of Fine Arts Studies and Reaserch (CEIBA)


It offers many different artistic training alternatives, both formal and free workshops, as well as the possibility to integrate to the artistic group...

Autonomous University of Guadalajara. Tabasco Branch Campus


The Autonomous University of Guadalajara is an institution of culture, science, art and technology at the service of the humanity seeking to educate a...

Museographic Art Gallery, Cultural Development


Development of museographic projects and cultural services which benefit the creation of visual arts in Tabasco and Mexico.

Revolution Square


One of the iconic places of the city that we can’t miss. Forums, fairs and encounters are performed here, here is the Fountain of the Fishers.

Fondo Tabasco Gallery


This Gallery shelters the works that integrate the Tabasco Collection, which comprises local, national and international works of plastic artists that...

Central Park of Nacajuca, Tabasco


The main square has the temple of the city of Nacajuca, it shows a unique architecture in the región. Built in quarry, the church has an eclect...

Tabasco INAH Center


The National Institute of Anthropology and History researches, preserves and disseminates the archaeological, anthropological, historical and paleonto...

Conception Church


Usually known as “La Conchita”, it’s a religious building constructed in the late 19th century. It has a neo-Gothic style and a cent...

Villahermosa IMSS Theater


The theater was built in 1965 and was opened on November 7th, 1966. It presents theater, music and dance shows, different conventions, performances, c...


The site could be considered as the westernmost site of the Maya area. It was very important during the Classic Period, as part of the trade routes in...


The site was a cohesion point among the small surrounding settlements in the Valley of the Flowers. The site consists of buildings with an architectur...


It was an important Pre-Hispanic settlement during the Late Classic Period in which it established itself as an independent political center. Its geog...

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