Secretaría de Cultura

Xicohténcatl Theater


Inaugurated on May 5, 1873, the theater is named after the Tlaxcalteca warrior who was against the alliance of his people with the Spanish conquerors....

House of the Artist and The Artisan


The house of the artista was created in 2007 and it is a spce that belongs to the Cultural Institute of Tlaxcala. Its mission is to form, promote and ...

Tlaxcala Cultural Center, Palace of Culture


The Palace of Culture was remodeled don 2010.

Cultural Center of Huamantla


This cultural center offers workshops in theaters, classic ballet, fantastic animals and cardboard, cinema and digital video, painting and introductio...

Museum of Memory of Tlaxcala


The Museum of Memory of Tlaxcala depends on the History College of Tlaxcala Trust, both institutions of the government of the state. It is located in ...

Papalotla Cultural Center

Papalotla de Xicohténcatl

The Papalotla Cultural Center began working in an independent way on February 1993 and it provides artistic and cultural activities.

Zacatelco Cultural Center


The Zacatelco Cultural Center was founded on March 20, 1990 and it is located in the facilities of the elementary school Benito Juárez of the o...

Miguel N. Lira Museum


The principal aim of the museum is to spread, recover, preserve and investigate the life and work of the writer, poet, playwright and editor from Tlax...

Tlaxco Cultural Center


The Tlaxco Cultural Center was founded in 1998 by the Institute of Culture of Tlaxcala to promote and spread every cultural and artistic expression.

Historical Archive of the State of Tlaxcala


The Historical Archive of the State of Tlaxcala was created by a decree of October 1998 to be part of the School of History of Tlaxcala Trust, which a...

Tlaxcaltecan Institute of Culture


The Tlaxcaltecan Institute of Culture was founded in 1983 as a decentralized public organism of the Public Administration of the State of Tlaxcala of ...

Tlaxcala Art Museum


The building that harbors the museum was built on the 19th century. It had different uses and now was adapted to harbor one of the most valuable colle...

Hueyotliplan Cultural Center


The Hueyotliplan Cultural Center was created by the Institute of Culture of Tlaxcala in 1989 and its objective is to promote and spread every cultural...

La Libertad Apizaco Cultural Center


This building has hold several government offices like the Town Hall, City Council offices, Municipal Archive, Prosecution Office, Treasury Office, Re...

National Museum of the Puppet (MUNATI)


The building, historical heritage of Huamanta, that houses the museum dates from the 18th century and in the beginning was used as a living quarterly....

Ixtenco Cultural Center


It was originally built to be the house of traditional crafts, but since it was not feasible the government of the state and the Institute of Culture ...

Cathedral of Our Lady of Assumption Tlaxcala


The Franciscan convent of Our Lady of Assumption, today the Cathedral of Tlaxcala with an annex convent (convent of Saint Francis), was built in the 1...

Calpulalpan Main Square


Main square of the municipality of Calpulalpan.

Juárez Park – Tlaxcala


Ancient Soledad Square (Due to the Church opposite to it). It’s currently the Main Square and Downtown of Chiautempan. Also known as “Ju&a...

Contla Cultural Center

Contla de Juan Cuamatzi

The Contla Cultural Center was created on March 6, 1998 at “Casa de Pieda” in the municipality of Contla de Juan Cuamatzi by the Institute of Cult...

Regional Museum of Tlaxcala


The Regional Museum of Tlaxcala reopened its doors on December 18th, 2015 after a complete reorganization. The new museological discourse was develope...

Calpulalpan Radio 94.3 FM


Although the radio station began its test  transmissions on the morning of February 24th, 1990, it was in June 9th, on the eve of the traditional...

Main Esplanade of Altzayanca, Tlaxcala


Altzayanca comes from the Náhuatl word azayancan which also comes from the world atl that means water, the word tzayani

Ignacio García Tellez Theatre (IMSS)


It was built on 1974, and inaugurated on February of that year. In this precinct are organized: plays, music, dance, children’s shows, festivals...

José Agustín Arrieta Chiautempan Cultural Center


The cultural center was created in 1986 and offers different workshops like theater, guitar, classical ballet, piano, Latin American music, stamping, ...

Founding Fathers Plaza


Tlaxcala is a reference in the formation of the national identity due to the convergence of cultures beginning with the mixing process of the Mexican ...

Tourism Secretariat of Tlaxcala


The Ministry of Tourism of Tlaxcala seeks the economic development through promoting programs and actions oriented to create actions that increase the...

Desiderio H. Xochitiotzin Plastic Arts Museum– Tlaxcala


It has three temporary exhibit halls. It displays the work by remarkable artists of the state. The main objective of this space is to promote arts and...

Tlaxcala Center of Arts


The Center of Arts of the Cultural Institute of Tlaxcala is housed in an historical building in what used to be a cotton mill of San Luis Apizaquito, ...

Basilica of Our Lady of Ocotlan – Tlaxcala


It was in 1541 when the miracle of the apparition of Juan Diego to the Virgin took place and asked him to build her a temple. The basilica stands out ...

Jorge "El Ranchero" Aguilar Bullring


There is information that since 1867 there was a ring in this place, during the 20th century some modifications were made to make it look like we know...

Town House Esplanade – Tlaxcala


Concerts and important shows for the state or opening ceremonies of festivals such as the FIT – International Puppet Festival take place here oc...

Crisanto Cuellar Abaroa Auditorium


This auditorium is in the facilities of the Society of Geography, History, Statistics and Literature, NPO in Tlaxcala. The precinct is named after an ...

Santa Inés Parish – Tlaxcala


This building was constructed in the second half of the 18th century, substituting the original one of the 16th century. Its baroque style portal cont...

Fair Venue of Tlaxcala


The place holds the facilities of the Fair Venue, conventions center, lienzo charro and the Adolfo López Mateos auditorium.

Constitution Square, Tlaxcala


The main public square of Tlaxacla, the former Main Square is presently known as Constitution Square. The place has the original measurements of medie...

Center of the Arts of Tlaxcala


The Center of the Arts of the Institute of Culture of Tlaxcala (ITC) harbors in its headquarters the historic building of a former factory of cotton w...

Live Museum of Folk Arts and Traditions of Tlaxcala


The museum spreads the evolutionary process of the traditional craftsmanship of Tlaxcala.

House of Stone Museum. Old Apizaco Station, Tlaxcala


The building that houses it was built in 1916 by the National Railways of Mexico, as the headquarters of the workers of track. The museum was inaug...

Hidalgo Park


The body of the park is quadrangular and in the main façade has pink cobblestone. It was built in the 20th century.

San Juan Bautista Ixtenco Parish


The constructions dates from the 16th century. The architectural floor is a Latin Cross. The façade is made out of gray quarry with an arch and...

Tizatlán Botanical Garden


It was inaugurated in 1989 as a didactic park in which visitors could appreciate the native plant species of the region and other endangered species. ...

Rubén Vizcaíno Valencia University Theatre


It was built between 1983 and 1984, and was inaugurated on March 1984. It organizes plays, dance, music, shows for children, festivals, lectures, asse...

On-Site Museum of Tizatlán


This museum, built with local material, has a collection of archaeological pieces found in 1930.

San Luis Obispo Parish


This churh was built in the colonial period; its façade is decorated in gray quarry and a series of niches with sculptures made of alabaster. I...

Santiago Apostle Parish – Tlaxcala

Apetatitlán de Antonio Carvajal

The construction decree of this parish was issued on February 4, 1767. It is a baroque-popular construction. In its interior, the main nave has three ...

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish – Tlaxcala


Built in 1910 by  priest Bernardo Picazo Toríz, it was dedicated to the veneration of goddess Sihuateotzin, syncretized by the Lady of Mou...

Santa María Magdalena Parish – Tlaxcala

La Magdalena Tlaltelulco

It was built in the 17th century. The interior is decorated with a series of baroque altarpieces from the 17th and 18th centuries, it stands out the p...

Luke the Evangelist Parish

San Lucas Tecopilco

Its construction was during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. The main dome is a transept with an octagonal tambour; it is finished with blue and yel...

San Pablo Apostle Parish

Apetatitlán de Antonio Carvajal

The construction decree of this parish was issued on February 4, 1767. It is a baroque-popular construction. In its interior, the main nave has three ...


Cacaxtla was one of the most important cities during the Late Classic Period; after the fall of Teotihuacan and Cholula it achieved the political, mil...

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